Miami and Beaches Writing and Photography Credits

Website writing and photography credits

The Miami and Beaches website is produced with contributions from a number of partners.  The GMCVB would like to thank the following regular contributors:


art of black
The landing page photo for Art of Black was provided courtesy of the artist: Doba Afolabi.

Chris Garcia -

Bruno Frontino -


(in alphabetical order)

Jennifer Agress - Dining, Events, Attractions, Shopping
Shayne Benowitz - - Hotels, Spas, Luxury, Dining
Angela Caraway-Carlton - Dining, Hidden Miami Treasures, Fashions, Dining
Liz Cepeda - Music, Arts & Culture, Nightlife, Animals, the Environment
Joel Delgado - - Sports, Health & Fitness
Kara Franker - - Hotels, Luxury, Spas, Art, Events
Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon - - Shopping, Dining, Arts & Culture
Carolyn Keating - - Attractions, Arts & Culture
Parker Lake - Eco-tourism, Outdoor Exploration
Susie Lamigueiro - Family, Attractions, Culture
Jessica Garrett Modkins - - Events, Attractions
Dr. Hyacynthia (Mary) Leonce-James - Events and the Caribbean community
Ashlee K. Thomas - Arts & Culture, Dining, African American & Caribbean Cultural Experiences

The GMCVB is always looking for contributors to the Miami and Beaches website, including experts on accommodations, dining, attractions, events, nightlife, outdoor activities, the arts and more. Please contact Andy Hoffman at with samples of your work.

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